Buffalo Newspaper Guild

CWA Local 31026

Cash Cow Contest and [BN] Blitz

9.5.17 – As fall approaches, two major efforts are launching that affect Guild members. One is a new Cash Cow Contest to solicit money-making ideas from non-management News employees. The other is a new [BN] Blitz product being launched by newsroom management, which poses serious concerns for the Guild.

The Cash Cow Contest is a collaborative, employee-empowering effort between the Guild and The News. If you haven’t already received information on this, you will soon. Quite simply, we all recognize that The News cannot cut its way to long-term financial health, and management does not have all the answers to what new, innovative ideas and products can boost the company’s profitability. Without new revenue-generating ideas for products and services, and new ways to grow print and digital subscriptions, the Guild will continue to lose members and face a steeper uphill fight to protect wages and benefits.

We believe many employees have great ideas that could help build the company’s financial strength. The contest is designed to leverage the ideas of hundreds of rank-and-file employees, instead of just a handful from top management, and make sure they come to the attention of the publisher and other top executive team members.