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Guild launches new website, new mobilization campaign

4.29.2021 — In this week’s round of bargaining, The Buffalo News/Lee Enterprises rejected the Guild’s digital jurisdiction proposal and reproposed language to dismantle our job security protections and outsource Guild work out of state and out of country.

As a result, the Guild is moving forward with a campaign to raise community awareness. The campaign includes active social media messaging and a new website, www.ProtectLocalJournalism.com

The Guild offered a package proposal Monday to outsource call center work for Inside Circulation to a U.S-based Lee call center in exchange for buyouts equivalent to a year’s pay and health care coverage. As part of the package proposal, the Guild required the company to withdraw its proposal to outsource Accounting, and the Guild put forth a proposal to insource page design work to our world-class, award-winning design team.

These terms were rejected.

The News/Lee also rejected every newsroom-based proposal designed to safeguard the integrity of local journalism. These include the digital jurisdiction proposal to ensure staff reporters and photographers can’t be replaced by freelancers on our own website. These also include proposals to label sponsored content and clearly distinguish locally produced journalism.