Buffalo Newspaper Guild

CWA Local 31026

Guild expands its jurisdiction at Sun papers (And other news)

11.9.17 – As The Buffalo News expands its weekly newspaper business, the Buffalo Newspaper Guild is expanding its jurisdiction.

The Guild late last month renegotiated its former Hamburg Sun jurisdiction agreement with management at The News to include the Tonawanda Sun weekly paper, published under the names the Twin Cities Sun and the Ken-Ton Sun. The editorial content will be identical — only the flags and teasers of the publications will differ for marketing purposes.

The renegotiated agreement now extends editorial jurisdiction over the Twin Cities Sun and the Ken-Ton Sun, publications whose first editions are planned for Nov. 17.

As established with the initial agreement reached in July regarding The Hamburg Sun, the News agreed to hire part-time and/or full-time employees to work as reporters.

In addition to reporters, this new agreement also states the News will hire a page designer, who will be a Guild member, to perform design and layout work for editorial content at the Hamburg and Tonawanda Sun weeklies.

“The new agreement not only carries over the terms negotiated for the Hamburg Sun, but also expands Guild positions and promotes a more dynamic and professional look for the Sun papers,” said Guild President Sandy Tan. “That benefits both the Guild and The News.”